Reasons to Visit Transylvania on a Motorbike

Travel & Tourism Transylvania is really a region located in the central a part of Romania, Eastern Europe. This is the land past the forest (from latin trans=crossing; silva=forest). The name itself implies that the land is perfectly engrossed in valleys, hilltops, beautiful forests and mountains - a number of them using the riders as well as their motorbikes over the three line rewarding all of them with stunning views. All of this sounds good, however, there is nothing more exhilarating compared to the roads which lead there: 1. Transfagarasan Road Connecting Muntenia (southern a part of Romania) with Transylvania, by crossing Fagaras Mountain, Transfagarasan Road ride takes the motorbike riders as much as 2042 m in altitude on the perfect ribbon of asphalt road, built similar to a race track, a Mecca for motorbike riders today. It had been constructed throughout the communist regime (1970-1974) underneath the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu to relieve the access from the troops. Because of the high altitude the street is open only 3-4 months/year, generally from June 15 until October 31, depending highly around the Climate conditions. In the summertime time the street is usually crowded, using its peak within the weekends. The riders should start the ride from south to North (from Curtea de Arges to Cartisoara), by doing this the scene from the entire road unfolding in-front is going to be thrilling. Also they need to start riding early each morning (about 08:00 AM). By doing this they are going to lose the crowds and then really obtain the feel of the unique road with bends to last for life.

Attention also need to be forwarded to the gas tank because there are no gas tanks about this road, the riders should fill prior to starting the ride. 2. Transalpina Highway - referred to as Kings Road, linking the city of Sugag in Transylvania with Novaci, crossing Parang Mountains within the central Carpathians. Using its highest peak at 2145m in Urdele Pass, the street takes the riders towards the clouds inside a ride to keep in mind. Pine forests, traditional sheepfolds where readers are offered the standard "balmos" (food cooked from the sheepherders), great views and lots of road bends and hairpin curves. Equally as Transfagarasan Road, preferable to be ridden on week days or each morning to conquer the traffic. Attention also need to be forwarded to the gas tank because there are no service stations about this road, the riders should fill prior to starting the ride. 3. Transbucegi Road - third highest mountain road in Romania, Transbucegi is really a narrow asphalt road resulting in Bucegi Plateau in Bucegi Mountains. From your Plateau walks towards the Sphinx and Babele (famous rock formations shaped from the wind) could be explored. The Walk towards the Sphinx may take as much as 45min. It is necessary for your riders to bear in mind that they have to walk returning to the motorbike too that will increase the relaxing walk within the nature even more time. Recommendation: The riders thinking about great views that will just be reached with a little bit of walking are encouraged to bring comfortable walking shoes and also to leave the motorbike boots locked around the motorbike.

Also water along with a chocolate bar for energy are recommended. 4. Sunset Mountains within the Western Carpathians provide you with great rides, one of these - Transursoaia Road. From DN 1 within the town of Huedin the street snakes as much as the Dark Hill along Belis Dam and Belisului Valley towards the village of Horea. 80 km of asphalt on the narrow mountain road offering some terrific riding, amazing views and traditional stops on the highway, carved in wood from the locals. Short deviation: in Rachitele area - the Vail from the Bride Waterfall, 30m of waterfall attracting visitors from around the globe. From May to October, based on the weather. Caution is necessary because there are parts of narrow areas. Advisable to be ridden throughout the day because the mountains will reward the riders with spectacular views. 5. The Rich History Transylvania has everything, from great winding roads to medieval churches and fortified medieval citadels. History buffs must not miss Cluj Napoca - home of Saint Michael's Cathedral, Europe's Youth Capital in 2015, Sighisoara Medieval citadel - the birth host to "Vlad The Impaller" (also referred to as Dracula), the medieval town of Brasov home for your Black Church, the medieval town of Sibiu - former cultural capital of Europe in 2007, spot for the "Redbul Romaniacs" off-road competition, Bran Castle - also referred to as Dracula Castle in Transylvania, Rasnov Medieval Citadel having a 360 degrees Panorama on the surrounding mountains. 6. The drinks and food Transylvania is really a melting pot concerning the cultures as well as the food they taken to the location. Hungarian, Austrian, Turkish foods are traditional in Transylvania: 4 mititei (grilled skinless sausages) with fries and mustard washed down having a glass of local beer is Transylvanian knowledge of junk food. Slow food and extremely slow meals are also served in Transylvania, long late dinners on the terrace in the center of a charming medieval town is one thing that any visitor should experience. The cost of good wine and beer is ridiculously inexpensive in comparison with other countries. 7. Fly & Ride Transylvania, Romania The riders may come using their own motorbike and relish the Carpathian experience.

The good thing from it is the fact that regardless of where the riders are originating from they could have a motorbike adventure in Transylvania without any fuss on fly& Ride bases. Cluj Napoca Airport is definitely the biggest in Transylvania, Romania plus it welcomes flights from around the globe, inexpensive or otherwise. When the riders decide to fly here they could still have a 2wheel adventure by renting a motorbike. A number of 11 BMW motorbikes, the GS range can be obtained for rental within the town of Turda (40 km far from Cluj Napoca Airport). They could rent BMW motorbikes 650cc, 800cc or 1200cc, recent year of fabrication. GPS and motorbike gear can also be offered at the motorbike rental shop in Turda (Transylvania, Romania). Maps are available almost in each service station as well as the staff in the motorbike rental company can provide suggestions about where you can ride. For more information about Motorcycle Tour Romania,simply visit our website.