If You Love Your Motorbike, Make Sure It’s Covered In Spain

That special feeling of tearing down the open road aboard your motorcycle is much the same anywhere in the world. Come to think of it, if anything, it may be even more special once you have moved to Spain and have a whole new set of twists and turns to discover. However, motorbike ownership can also bring twists and turns that are less than welcome, such as the uncertainty and anguish that can arise if anything bad happens to your two-wheeled pride and joy. This is precisely why motorcycle cover should be a priority for you when you come to compare the Insurance In Spain For Expats being offered by brokers like Ibex Insurance Services. What does a great expat motorbike insurance policy include? Owners of Spanish-registered motorcycles located in Spain will be pleased to learn that we can provide them with perfectly-tailored cover through Lloyd’s of London, which is the world’s leading insurance market. We can give you instant cover, and not only that, but legal protection and breakdown cover are also included in all of our motorbike insurance policies. You’ll also get the benefit of flexible payment options, a discount on second motorcycle and home policies and even pillion rider cover under legal protection for injuries or accidents, when you choose us.

Beyond what all of our policies have in common, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the differences between our fully comprehensive and third party only options, so that you can be sure of purchasing the cover that suits your specific requirements. Our third party only motorbike insurance provides you with cover for legal defence, legal liability for damage to third party property, and legal liability for death or injury to any other person, including passengers. However, when you take out a comprehensive policy with us, you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with such crucial areas of cover as fire and theft, new vehicle replacement, own damage (excluding glass), replacement locks and policyholder personal injury cover, the latter subject to policy limits. Medical expenses are also covered for anyone injured on your bike. Buy the right policy for you, from an English-speaking broker Insurance Brokers Spain- It can be very tricky to pick out and purchase the most suitable policy for your needs when you are an expat who may have only recently moved to Spain. Thankfully, Ibex makes things easy, as we are staffed by English speakers who are expats themselves. Request your quote today for motorbike insurance that leaves you in no doubt you will be protected in the – we hope unlikely – event that you do ever need to make a claim.